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Musings are my thoughts on social media, marketing, and other business topics as they relate to everyday life. Feel free to share your thoughts as well.


Shift Happens

March is almost here and not only am I aging, I'm also getting married! 2013 has gotten off to a fantastic, but chaotic start. Throw a case of pneumonia on top of that and it is truly a perfect storm of fun. Alas, the latter is a story is for another day. :-) As I am knee deep in wedding planning with my fiance, we find we have been marketed to in every single way imaginable. Yes, as a marketer, I can appreciate this, but as a bride, I am also annoyed.

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The 3rd Marketing Trend for 2012 and Beyond Is...

My previous two posts shared marketing trends that will last beyond 2012. These "trends" are and will continue to shape the foundation of solid marketing strategies. The first trend emphasized the value of content and its role in connecting your message across channels. Last week I posted about the increased role mobile plays in marketing. Today, I share the third marketing trend for 2012 and beyond which ties content and mobile together.

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Mobile, More Than Phones Now and Beyond!

Last week I referred to content as the fuel for your marketing. Trend #2 is mobile. Think of mobile as a component of your marketing vehicle that is only going to get become more integral to the health of your marketing efforts.

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